June 29, 2018

At times we fail to remember how beautiful and surreal our country is. Or maybe we know, we only just need to be reminded. Below are the 10 hidden treasures of India less travelled and spoken about.

1. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh :

Little Known Facts: Until the 90's, this pretty pretty place was only just a bus stop, when to its fate, it started being flocked by backpackers and travellers from around the world to explore its untouched beauty and overwhelming landscapes.

Best Time To Travel: The recommended time to visit Kasol is between the months of October to June.


Image Credit : Tripoto

2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand :

Little Known Facts: Named after Lord Vishnu's avatar Hrishikesha, backed by scenic beauty, Rishikesh is also widely known for its extreme adventure sports. The Holy River Ganga flows through this city accentuating its spiritual and holistic values. Also famous for the large statue of Lord Shiva, that attracts many pilgrims every year.

Best Time To Travel: Its said that the best time to visit this 'Yoga Capital Of The World' is September to mid November or from March to mid May.

Image Credit : Yoga In India

3.Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh :

Little Known FactsAlso known as Banaras or Kashi, this is one of the most sacred cities on the banks of the Ganges. This colourful city has a fascinating vibe about itself, attracting thousands of tourist from all over the world. Also famous for the highly popular Banarsi Silk fabric. 

Best Time To Travel: Kashi is one of the historic cities that is vibrant almost all around the year. Every festival is celebrated in a grand way and has something unique to offer each time. 


Image Credit : Tripadvisor

4. Pushkar, Rajasthan :

Little Known Facts: In the district of Ajmer, Pushkar is home to tons of temples and pilgrim sites. Located on the shore of Pushkar Lake, are many ghats for pilgrims to take a holy dip and cleanse all their sins.

Best Time To Travel: Pushkar is highly popular for its Pushkar Mela (Fair) that is usually held in October or November.

Image Credit : India.com

5. Hampi, Karnataka :

Little Known Facts:A UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its Group Of Monuments, Hampi is a nest for numerous temples and ruins. Located in Hospate, Hampi is a real pleasure to explore, especially if you are a History buff.

Best Time To TravelThe best time to enjoy a cool sunset evening on the mesmerisingly huge boulders in this lost Empire Of Vijayanagar would be from October to March. 


Image Credits : Google Images

6. Kutch, Gujarat :

Little Known Facts: Famous for its Rann Of Kutch, its the largest districts of India. Primarily popular for its prominent salt flats, result of the drying of shallow waters before rains, making it look bright white as if it were snow.

Best Time To Travel: November to February is the best recommended time to visit Kutch, especially during the full moon because the moonlight makes the 'white sand' look pristine and almost too profuse to take in. Also, the Rann Utsav held in the month of November could be a lifetime of experience. 

Rann of Kutch

Image Credit : Travel Trikon

7. Gangtok, Sikkim :

Little Known Facts:One of the largest towns of Sikkim, Gangtok is situated within the higher peaks of the Himalayan Range. Its also a popular Buddhist pilgrim site. One of the most serene and spectacular sights is the worlds third highest peak, The Kanchenjunga.

Best Time To Travel: September to June is one of the best times to visit this Tibetian Buddhist abode.

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8. Khajurao, Madhya Pradesh :

Little Known Facts: Famous for its ancient Indian Art, Khajuraho is home to Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples. It had many temples by the 10th century, but only a few have managed to survive now. Its particularly renowned for its erotic sculptured temples.

Best Time To Travel: March to June is usually said to have  cooler temperatures to explore this ancient city.

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 9. Andaman & Nicobar :

Little Known Facts:One of the seven union territories of India, is an archipelago of islands, some with habitation and some inhabitated. Offering water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, this is a haven for nature and water lovers. This island is also famous for its under water diving and coral reefs.

Best Time To Travel:Touristy round the year cause of the favorable weather conditions, but can be avoided during monsoons from July to September cause of the high tides.

Image Credit : wpnature

10. Amritsar, Punjab :

Little Known Facts: Best known for The Harminder Sahib or The Golden Temple. Historically known as Ramdaspur or Ambarsar, largely famous for the amazing food, clothes,hand embroidered dupattas and traditional juttis. The city was founded by one of the Gurus, Guru Ramdas.

Best Time To Travel: November to March could be an ideal time to visit Amritsar, as the weather is usually pleasant and you can enjoy the street food and hot jalebis the best. 

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Let us know which other places in India have your heart :) 
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