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May 09, 2020 3 min read

Being Productive in Lockdown

When lockdown 1 started at the end of March 2020 here in Mumbai, the first few days were quite a blur. I still remember downloading the zoom app and testing it out with Sumit just so that we would be able to communicate more effectively in the next few days. That was a little over a month ago. Who knew that ‘I’ll see you in a few days’ would turn into ‘I don’t know when we can proceed with our summer launch. Better to look at autumn and winter launch!’

The first few days of the lockdown were all about creating to do lists and planning how we could maximize on work from home. But that didn’t last very long. With no manufacturing of goods that we wanted, I suddenly found myself uninspired and frankly speaking almost a bit numb. There was a strange feeling as though we had travelled back in time into the Stone Age, living in our caves.

“It is too dangerous to step outside!” is what everyone has been saying.

The parallel between the present and the Stone Age is almost uncanny. Before we armed ourselves with knives and hunting weapons to step outside our safe caves to bring back the catch of the day and provide for the family and now we arm ourselves with masks and hand sanitizers to bring back groceries to our concrete brick and mortar homes.

So all the to do lists had almost come to a halt. Suddenly everyone on social media, including myself, was posting reading lists and cooking recipes and beautiful pictures of home made food. That kept me going for a short while. 

Home Cooked Pasta

Home Cooked Pasta


But every 2 – 3 days or so, I would get back to my to do list, revise it, add and subtract tasks and that’s pretty much it! That was my work from home accomplishment for the day.

It is only after the first lockdown of 21 days that finished and almost 1 kg heavier, did I realize that the present scenario had affected not just me, but also everyone. I am a procrastinator and I let things brew in my head for a while before I start my creative process and all these days I thought that’s exactly what was going on. But only when the 2nd lockdown was announced did I realize that I work best with deadlines.

So if you are reading this and can relate all I want to say is that it is completely ok to not be ok. You are not alone. Starting a few days ago, at the beginning of the 2nd lockdown I learnt a few lessons that helped me get productive, so I am sharing them with you:

  1. Eat Healthy. I know most of us miss pizzas, Indian Chinese and roadside chaat items, but at a time when mobility has been reduced drastically, it is important to eat healthy and also stay healthy. Eating better helps you become less lethargic.
  2. Create A Routine. With the house help being absent you do have added chores to your list. And although you feel like you have just finished your cleaning and cooking to do lists, remember that you have not yet been productive for work. So keeping a few hours aside for work everyday is paramount.
  3. Take Short Breaks and Walk around the house. The blood flow helps keep you awake and energized.
  4. Try to Limit your Social Media and news time. Constantly listening to updates about the pandemic and giving yourself a distraction might not really work in your favour and can also make you feel negative.
  5. Take Time Away from Screens. (Even when the pandemic is over!)
  6. Try to Exercise or do yoga or any kind of physical activity that suits you. It will get your mind off current situations and make up for that lack of mobility sitting at home.
  7. Speak to your Friends and Family

That’s it! Nothing too complicated and yet it works wonders. Just figure out what works for you and try to get something positive out of this extremely difficult time for everyone. Any achievement out of this is worth celebrating.

If you have something that you would like to share on how you are coping with this situation, write to us and we will celebrate your triumph with you.

Written By: Sneha Kakad
Founder - Thinkpot

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