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September 19, 2020 3 min read

Launching A New Collection During Pandemic & Its Challenges

Let’s first address the elephant in the room – THESE ARE UNCERTAIN TIMES!

Since March 2020 the whole world is facing one common problem together and that is the corona virus. Many businesses have been affected and while some have survived and stayed afloat, it’s the smaller privately owned brands and labels that do not fall in the ‘essentials’ category, that have taken the biggest hit. Unfortunately we fall in that category.

Many of the brands that fall in this classification will understand that there’s no cost cutting or laying off that we can do. Being a start up we fill multiple roles ourselves and pay for our own marketing. So the big question is – Should a brand launch a new collection during this difficult time? While it has been already hard to pay rents and other bills?

Since 2014, we take pride in bringing happy and motivational products to the market at affordable prices. That’s something we certainly do not want to compromise on. After much deliberation, we decided that everyone needs happy products, especially now! While our sales might not be substantial, we cannot put a price on customers’ happiness. So yes, we decided to go ahead with launching a new collection of Canvas Pouches.

Immediately the next few questions to address were quantity verses pricing. Any layman can understand that the higher the quantity, the better the pricing. But again the difficulty of budget arises, as the uncertainty hasn’t changed. We slashed the quantity discussed in March, but that immediately affected pricing that we were unwilling to compromise on. This is where vendor relation came into play even though we were not the big buyers, we requested vendors to help us meet the same price targets as discussed earlier. They too were facing similar problems as no matter where you fall in the chain, everyone right now is affected. It was better to receive a medium sized order rather no orders at all! So with the promise of larger orders if the response is good, they reluctantly agreed and we started the production. This was also our little contribution to the #MakeInIndia initiative. 

Our next problem to be tackled was the photo shoot. Since our retail partner outlets have just been reopened, they are busy tackling with their old stock so taking new non-essential products was not their top priority. We knew we had to rely entirely on our e-commerce sales and we needed good images to display our products. But a large photo shoot production was out of the question. With not much experience in product photography, just relying on aesthetic, design skills and a bit of digital editing, we decided to photograph the pouches with our smartphone and a small product light box. Yes, you heard us! The new pouches launched on our website are all shot on a smartphone. Here’s a little behind the scenes.

The last challenge we faced was marketing. And this is where you come in! Since we manage our own marketing, we have posted on all our social media streams and the response has been pretty encouraging. So cheers to all of you for supporting us. Help us reach more people, like our posts, share with your friends and help us spread the word. We need the best marketing we can get and that is your word of mouth. As we welcome your orders, we want you to understand that each like and share can make a difference. Let’s make Thinkpot the most talked about brand on social media, thanks to you all!

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