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January 01, 2019 1 min read


With a New Year comes a long list of New Possibilities, New Love, New Adventures, New Dreams, New Resolutions and so much more !! Read along this 'New' post by Thinkpot and see what we have in mind for Things To Do This Year.


1. Confidence, Wear It Right :

Yep ! We all have a Ron Burgundy hidden somewhere in us. If you must walk, walk in confidence and you'll cross every threshold. 


2. Smile More, Frown Less :

They're right when they say; Smile is a curve that sets everything straight. So.... ease the crease fellas !!  


3. Talk: 

 There's no point keeping things to yourself. The more you talk to people, the better you'll feel. Get out, be an extrovert, make friends and don't just be a wall flower. 


4. You're Amazing:

Aww !! Only YOU can truly inspire yourself. The love that you feel for yourself is like no other. Treat yourself with something exceptional occasionally. Have cheat days, eat what you like and remember You Are Truly Amazing. 


5. Do What You LOVE:

The last one is never the least. Remember, if you can't put your heart into it you're never going to enjoy doing it. Tick off what interests you the most and work on it like it means your life to you !!

Do what you love

Stay tuned for exciting blogs and meanwhile tell us what special do you have in mind for the YEAR #2019

Ps : #GetHigh with #Thinkpot 

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