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When it comes to ergonomics, most people are happy with the idea of adjusting their chair, but may forget that they also need to adjust their monitor. Looking too far down at your monitor means that your neck muscles have to work hard to hold your head in place. After a couple of hours, your neck begins to stiffen up. With a bit more time, your shoulder muscles get tight too. Eventually, you’ll get tension developing in your arms. When you get up from your desk you find your upper body aching. An incorrectly positioned monitor is the possible cause.
A computer monitor should sit directly in front of you at arm’s length with the top of the screen level with your eyes. Monitor stands offer the most ergonomic efficient way to ensure your screen is always at the correct height and angle for you. If your computer monitor is sitting at the wrong height it could potentially lead to neck and shoulder pain resulting in lower work productivity.
PALO monitor stands feature a contemporary design with stacking columns, letting you choose the ideal height for your monitor. With it's unique height adjustability, the PALO Monitor Riser is the ideal solution to raising your monitor screen to the ideal viewing position without taking up much desk space.